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Instagram crashes after login on iOS 9

Every time Apple releases and update, there invariably will be a problem or two. That seems to be life. To their credit, they release updates to their updates relatively quickly. But even then, it seems as though little annoyances crop up that may not affect the entire iOS-using population.

We think we’ve discovered one of those problems. Instagram crashes after login in iOS9 and versions that follow. It’s not all accounts, but it’s some. In fact, of the five accounts I’ve tested, only one has this issue. And it is related to iOS only. We tested our Android and we were able to log in with no issue.

Instagram crashes after login – but WHY!?

We don’t know why, but we suspect it’s in the nuance of the new 9.1 update and Instagram’s mobile app. But there is a workaround as discovered by some pretty savvy Reddit users. First to the issue (H/T to DFIH)

Hi everyone – Something really odd started to happen with my Instagram app today (iPhone 6 iOS9). I logged out from my personal account to post from my company’s, and everything worked fine. When I then tried to log into my personal account again, the app crashes. It works fine when I log into the company account, but as soon as I try my personal account I get about 1 second of the post feed before it just shuts down. My personal account is however accessible from third party services that allow me to browse. I recently installed Flow for Instagram but uninstalled it, and I could log in after installing the app and after removing it as well. I have of course removed and reinstalled the app, as well as restarted my phone without any success. Does anyone have any idea of how to solve this? Thankful for any help.

Does this issue sound familiar?

A dirty little workaround that may restore some sanity

Thanks to a user named Clacka, they discovered a weird workaround that worked for dozens of Reddit users in the thread.


 Update:  I logged on and before it crashes I immediately hit the DM button on top right and it worked!! I’m back on.

Reddit users rejoiced after trying this little Jedi mind trick. However, we tried it and nothing. Nuggets. Nada.

So we will continue to scour the interwebs for a cause and solution to this maddening issue. In the meantime, give the DM box push a try and let us know if that helps you. If not, check back with us soon and we’ll hopefully have rolled out a permanent fix.

Leave your comments and/or Jedi tricks in the comments.

Josh Benson

Josh Benson

Josh is the Editor of and supreme geek to boot. He spends much of his time learning new software, coding languages, gadgets and more. He loves helping people figure out tech problems - big or small. Josh is a former television news anchor and tech reporter. He spends his days developing websites and producing videos.

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  • Rand

    This worked for me! Thanks so much. I have been fighting this for days and now I’m in. Although it does lock out again…annoying, but at lease a temporary fix! Much appreciated.

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  • Laura Hurn


    I can’t even keep Instagram open long enough to login to my account, much less wait for the tray icon to appear. As soon as I open the mobile app, it requests I login. Within 10 seconds, Instagram automatically shuts itself down / crashes. If, before Instagram shuts itself down, I touch anywhere on the app screen, my touching it immediately causes it to crash.

    My iPhone is running iOS 9.1 (13B143).

    Help me Obiwan!!!

    • I’m the same way, was able to click the direct message button but it crashed immediately after it opened the page… I’m getting so frustrated with this! New update my butt, it didn’t fix this bug at all!

      • Laura Hurn

        I ended up taking my phone in to the Apple store. We tried several things to fix, but ultimately the only thing that’s worked was setting my phone up as a new phone. It was not a fun experience. ?

        • Oh no seriously?! So you had to do a hard reset then? Ugh I’ve been dreading that…

          • Spip Da Roma

            Damned… ?
            I SO not feel like doing a hard reset…
            I suppose the only alternative would be to wait for an iOS update?

  • Mal

    My intagram has been crashing for over two weeks now 🙁 It started on my iPhone 4s, I actually got a new phone, iPhone 6s, and the issue carried on. I’ve tried all the things out there, deleting app, reinstalling, I’ve done two software updates and insta has released two updates since and it still crashes. I’ve tried adding the app though regular app store and also though my computer.
    Before the last update I managed to log in and and at least so get notifications even though I couldn’t actually use the app. Since the last update even if I do log in during one split second it also now logs me out. I am actually not sure if there is anything more I can try… lol.

    • mal

      oops sorry iPhone 5s not 4s