AT&T plans to sell your data, so here’s how to opt-out

A few weeks ago, AT&T quietly updated its privacy policy with a change that many would believe to be controversial.  The company would begin selling customers’ information to marketers and other businesses.

Selling customer data is nothing new for the likes of Facebook and Google. Those companies make billions of dollars targeting ads based on personal information. However, AT&T’s data mining is a potentially troubling development for the company’s large group of 105 million subscribers. The “External Marketing and Analytics Reporting” program would allow AT&T to sell information including your location based on WiFi connections, web browsing history and app usage.


This is the web page you’ll visit to enter in your account ID (phone number) and your password. Simply click opt-out next to each cell phone account you have.

Don’t want to join the party? Just opt-out. It’s actually quite simple.

    And that’s it. Pretty painless. While we encourage companies to continually look how to better the experiences for users of their products and services, it’s nice to know when they make changes. If you have any other tips on other companies doing the same, please leave them in the comments below.

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    Josh Benson

    Josh Benson

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