Instagram crashes after login

Instagram crashes after login on iOS 9

Every time Apple releases and update, there invariably will be a problem or two. That seems to be life. To their credit, they release updates to their updates relatively quickly. But even then, it seems as though little annoyances crop up that may not affect the entire iOS-using population. We …


5 apps for organization

Rarely will you find a person without an Android, iPhone or another type of smartphone. We all use many different apps every day but always find some new ones to download. There are some of them that we use for fun, for staying in touch with other people etc. There …

How to upgrade to Yosemite

Upgrade to Yosemite painlessly

If you’re a Mac user, you probably get excited every time Apple has an event to announce something new. Recently, the company has offered up a free download of their latest operating system OS X Yosemite. This guide will help you easily upgrade to Yosemite on your MacBook, Mac Pro …

can't install ios8

Some hints if you can’t install iOS 8

You’re running around the house looking for a charger to plug in your iPhone because you just realized iOS 8 from Apple has just been released and you can’t wait to get it updated. Or perhaps you’ve come across this article weeks or months later because you don’t care about …


Instagram Hyperlapse review

I love timelapses. Always have. If you take any video and fix it on a subject for a long period of time and speed up the playback you have a timelapse. You can accomplish it with a bunch of still images as well. Sunsets and sunrises are great, traffic, things …


How to make a YouTube GIF in seconds

If you were somewhat coherent in the late 80s and early 90s, then you’ve probably seen a GIF (or Graphics Interchange Format) graphic on the web. It’s the animated graphic that looks like it’s from said period and just loops, and loops and loops into eternity. The GIF (pronounced ‘jiff’, …

Facebook Messenger and Privacy

Facebook Messenger is not going to find and kill you

Well, they may find you…but hang on a second. I remember when Facebook Messenger came out for the first time. Would you believe it was three years ago!? Almost to the day. August 9, 2011. Then it was much like it is today, a secondary app that you download to …


Save tons of time with these 5 Mac keyboard shortcuts

Simply put, Mac keyboard shortcuts are just that – ‘shortcuts’ that allow you to press a few key combinations to perform an action quicker. It’s like cutting through the woods instead of sitting in traffic (not recommended, but you get where we’re going with this). If you’re a Mac user, you …


What is Secure Empty Trash in Mac OSX?

I have to admit, I’ve been a Mac user since college. I just learned something I never really knew about more than a decade later: what Secure Empty Trash means in Mac OSX. Every time I drag and drop my junk into trash, like most people I go up to …

iSound Portable Power Max - Best iPhone Charger

The last cell phone charger you’ll own

When I come across a product that does everything it says it will plus more, I have to smile. I know I’ve spent good money (okay, so it was a gift). But I received a brilliant product in the rock solid cell phone charger (charges most devices with USB connections), …