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Uh-oh, no sound coming from my iPhone

I’ve been with iPhone the better part of the decade. iPhone 3’s and 4’s have been my tools of the trade. While I haven’t made the leap to the iPhone 5S yet, I plan to. I’m just taking my time.

After so many years using my trusty iPhone, I figured I knew everything about it: how it worked, what caused it to not work and tricks on how to use it more effectively. But it never fails, I’ll get stumped once and awhile in trying to find a solution to something that has gone awry.

Luckily for all of us, there’s the Internet and if you there’s a solution to be had, it’s online somewhere.

iPhone connected to ‘Dock Connector’?


My iPhone 4S stopped playing sound the other day randomly. When I opened airplay it said it was connected to the ‘Dock Connector’. But it wasn’t. So it was clearly confused. When I clicked on the volume buttons on the side, nothing would happen.

Since I replace my own iPhone screens, I figured this was a result of a sub-par replacement screen somehow interfering with Apple’s sterling design. But then again, it could have been something simple.

Turns out, it was.

There are many reasons why sound may not be playing from iPhone. In my case, the headphone jack was acting like something was plugged in. Dust, lint or some other foreign object must have made its way into the headphone jack and through off a sensor.

I blew into the hole and cleared whatever it was and the sound was back just like that. If you really want to be sure to fix the issue, use compressed air. It works wonders.

After searching some forums, I found some other handy tricks you can try to get the sweet sounds to return to your iPhone:

Other solutions for no sound coming from my iPhone

via Tankeray:

Here’s what has worked for me in the past (any option):

  1. Turn the Phone off, then back on
  2. Hard reset the phone (Hold power and home for 5 seconds)
  3. Turn the phone off, then use a cotton swab with some alcohol to clean out the dock connector or the headphone jack
  4. Play a song. With no sound coming out, reconnect it to a speaker dock, then disconnect it again. Sometimes the last time it disconnected didn’t register.
  5.  Rapidly plug and unplug the headphones about 5 times – this may unstick the headphone jack
  6. If you get sound through headphones, plug in headphones. Start a song. Unplug the headphones

via VinEnvy:

I just had this problem pop up out of nowhere on my 4S.  Went to Settings > Sounds > Lock Sounds slider.  It was “ON”. Switched it to “OFF” and pressed my Volume + and – keys and was controlling my volume again.  Give it a try.

via KingOfTheHillView:

Simply take a sharp toothpick and gently clean all of the lint and dust out of the charging port. Use a can of pressurized air to then blow the dust out. Blowing into it may cause corrosion on the pins as a result of moisture from your mouth. You will be amazed at how much lint and dust is in there. A toothbrush will work too.

I hope one of these tips worked for you. There’s nothing more frustrating than a phone you can’t hear, therefore, can’t use. Hope you had a great holiday season. Maybe you received a new iPhone as a gift. In that case, you won’t need this post for a few months!

Leave your solutions in the comment box below as I’m sure there are many other fixes for these common iPhone issues.

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