The last cell phone charger you’ll own

When I come across a product that does everything it says it will plus more, I have to smile. I know I’ve spent good money (okay, so it was a gift). But I received a brilliant product in the rock solid cell phone charger (charges most devices with USB connections), the iSound Portable Power Max. If you have several devices that charge via USB – just plug them all in and you’re good to go.

Why you’d want the iSound Portable Power Max

Have you ever been at an airport and tried to out-jockey someone for an outlet so you can charge your cell phone? It’s maddening – and kinda silly if you’re watching someone desperate find an outlet. We’re all hyper-connected. Battery power is something to behold. Lose it, you’ve lost contact with Earth. So if you find you’re running out of battery power before the day is over, you’re going on a trip and you want ‘battery juice insurance’ or you just need a solid backup, you’d want the iSound Portable Power Max.

iSound Portable Power Maxe - GeekLift

Little box. Big power.

What makes it rock

The iSound Portable Power Max gives you up to 480 hours of power. You read that right. It has a 16,000 mAh batter built in (that’s a lot of juice). This monster has FIVE USB ports that will charge most devices. I have had two iPads and two iPhones charging at once. Granted, that will drain the battery much quicker than just a few iPhones. But you will get days out of the device if it’s simply phones you’re charging. There is a push-button LED status indicator that lets you know how much charge power remains. The thing even has a bright flashlight built in if you’re ever lost in the dark (or forest, desert, what have you).

There is love for the Blackberry fans as well. The device comes a USB charging adapter for the BB.

Where it misses

The iSound Portable Power Max is heavy, but forgiven since it powers so many things. It’s not recommended in a purse unless you carry a monster purse like my fiance. And there are two switches on the front. I always accidentally turn on the flashlight instead of the power. They should have them color-coded. And speaking of the power switch. If you turn it on, turn it off. Most likely you’ll forget as I often do. It doesn’t run the battery down too quickly, but you are annoyed when you see you’ve left it on regardless. It’s also a bit pricey at $129.00 (but prices have come down! See below.)

 Tip:  Buy another charging cord for the device!  I lost mine almost immediately and luckily found the same one online though the company. Have one to travel with and one to leave in a central location at home (see image above – that’s where our device lives).

Get your own or buy it as a gift

You have the option of the 16,000 mAh (recommended) or the 8,000 mAh which is fine if you’re focused solely on cell phones. If you plan to charge an iPad or other tablet, spend the extra money. You won’t be sorry.

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Editor's Rating

Delivery (on promise) 9.5
Durability 8.0
Dependability 8.5
Dollars 6.5
Quite possibly the last charger you'll own to charge your devices. 400+ hours of charging time, charge up to 5 devices at once. It's heavy to lug around and you'll accidentally turn on the flashlight instead of the charge power switch more often than not - but again, if you're at an airport or on the road, no one is keeping you from phoning home.
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