Instagram crashes after login

Instagram crashes after login on iOS 9

Every time Apple releases and update, there invariably will be a problem or two. That seems to be life. To their credit, they release updates to their updates relatively quickly. But even then, it seems as though little annoyances crop up that may not affect the entire iOS-using population. We …

can't install ios8

Some hints if you can’t install iOS 8

You’re running around the house looking for a charger to plug in your iPhone because you just realized iOS 8 from Apple has just been released and you can’t wait to get it updated. Or perhaps you’ve come across this article weeks or months later because you don’t care about …

Facebook Messenger and Privacy

Facebook Messenger is not going to find and kill you

Well, they may find you…but hang on a second. I remember when Facebook Messenger came out for the first time. Would you believe it was three years ago!? Almost to the day. August 9, 2011. Then it was much like it is today, a secondary app that you download to …


Uh-oh, no sound coming from my iPhone

Is your iPhone silent? Here are some tips to get the sound to return to your iPhone and what may be causing the issue.

iPad Apps Spotlight

List Installed iOS Apps On Your Device Using Spotlight

List Installed iOS Apps On Your Device Using Spotlight With the advent of iOS 7 and the multiple pages inside a folder functionality, it can get quite easy for you to do a bit of digging to find an app you are looking for. Sure, you can launch apps from Siri …

iOS Backups

iPhone Backups Are Hidden Disk Space Hogs

iPhone Backups Are Hidden Disk Space Hogs Have you ever needed some emergency disk space? Do you need to find and remove the files that are bloating your hard drive? Well there certainly are tools that can help you identify large files on your hard drive. My favorite tool is …

Apple AppStore

iOS Restrictions – Control Your Kids Smart Device Use

iOS Restrictions – Control Your Kids Smart Device Use How many articles have you read in the past year that talks about some or other kid, almost bankrupting their parents with a sky high AppStore bill? It seems almost unreal, but it happens more times than not. And we aren’t …

iOS 7 Tips

iOS 7 Tricks in :60

Do you have 60-seconds? If you do, you have time to navigate some tricks around the new iOS 7 for iPhone and iPad. Check it out, you’ll be happy you did.