iSound Portable Power Max - Best iPhone Charger

The last cell phone charger you’ll own

When I come across a product that does everything it says it will plus more, I have to smile. I know I’ve spent good money (okay, so it was a gift). But I received a brilliant product in the rock solid cell phone charger (charges most devices with USB connections), …


The factors to eye while purchasing a DLSR lens

Having a DSLR is great, especially when you just cannot compromise with the quality of the photos and videos you are supposed to take. In fact, such imported cameras enhance the beauty of the stills taken by injecting the real-time photographic effects into your camera shots. You can put the …


How to choose the right shutter speed [Infographic]

How do you shoot something zooming past you with your camera and keep it in focus? Here is how you choose the right shutter speed.


G Flex – LG new smartphone with curved screen

Introducing: G Flex. After the Galaxy Round by Samsung, LG presents it’s new smartphone, maybe era is now to curved screens devices.


You can now watch Slingbox on Apple TV

The Slingbox just got better! Sling Media just announced new updates for their product including the ability to watch Slingbox on Apple TV.

Fix Shaky iPhone Video

Fix shaky iPhone video with iStablizer Dolly

There’s nothing worse than capturing an amazing video on you iPhone, only to play it back as though it was shot in the middle of a hurricane. Capturing great video isn’t just about great content, it’s about carefully thinking before you shoot. Is your phone in landscape mode? It should …