How to make a YouTube GIF in seconds

If you were somewhat coherent in the late 80s and early 90s, then you’ve probably seen a GIF (or Graphics Interchange Format) graphic on the web. It’s the animated graphic that looks like it’s from said period and just loops, and loops and loops into eternity. The GIF (pronounced ‘jiff’, …

YouTube Audio LIbrary

YouTube Audio Library gives you free music to use anywhere

Snag some free tracks with YouTube’s Audio Library If you’re an editor, web designer, musician or just about anyone else who uses music for more than just listening, you’ll like that YouTube has launched it’s Audio Library. The YouTube Audio Library offers visitors free instrumental tracks for use anywhere, anytime. Here’s …


Take advantages of WebRTC with

Some of you have always wished to make videos calls without having your memory consumption explode. Unfortunately, memory becomes an issue with Skype and Viber. After Googling a bit, I found a solution: WebRTC. Now it is possible to communicate with audio and video without any other app, and without …


WordPress 3.8 update is packed with features

If you run a Wordpress website or blog, it’s time to upgrade to 3.8. It’s loaded with features. Here’s a rundown. s

Covert PDF to Word

Convert PDF to Word files for free

We’ve all been there. We download a PDF document or receive one in an email, see that it’s not ‘clickable’, have to print it out, sign it or write in some information, scan it and send it back. What a pain. Life would be easier if you could just convert …