iPad Apps Spotlight

List Installed iOS Apps On Your Device Using Spotlight

List Installed iOS Apps On Your Device Using Spotlight With the advent of iOS 7 and the multiple pages inside a folder functionality, it can get quite easy for you to do a bit of digging to find an app you are looking for. Sure, you can launch apps from Siri …

iOS Backups

iPhone Backups Are Hidden Disk Space Hogs

iPhone Backups Are Hidden Disk Space Hogs Have you ever needed some emergency disk space? Do you need to find and remove the files that are bloating your hard drive? Well there certainly are tools that can help you identify large files on your hard drive. My favorite tool is …


Apple to hold its event today

The time has come for Apple fans. Apple will hold its October event today and is expected to announce new models of iPads, Macs, software and more!


Inbox: Should I wait to buy an iPad?

From the inbox this afternoon, Greg wants to know if he should wait on buying an iPad. He’s going to be very happy he decided to send us this question. Check out why.