Apple to hold its event today

What’s on tap?

Today is the big day for Apple fans. Apple will hold its October event outlining some big changes to products and some introductions to some new ones. It’s the time of hear when all Mac addicts get giddy with excitement. And here’s why:

ipad-1Update to the iPads

It is widely expected that Apple will release versions of it’s latest iPad today. We mentioned to hold off until buying an iPad until after we hear the news from Apple today. New models of the full-sized iPad as well as an update to the iPad mini seem almost as though they’re a sure bet. The bigger iPad could have a new chip and a bit of a makeover. Expect some improvements to the camera as well.

Many believe the iPad mini will get the retina display. However, that may make the tablet a bit heavier and thicker than the previous model. We’ll have to wait and see.

mavericks-1Bring on Mavericks

Apple’s OS X Mavericks is the next version of Mac OS X

It was announced at the Worldwide Developers Conference in June and should be loaded with new features including improvements to the Finder aimed at making Macs more easy to navigate, and the option to tag things in the Finder. Mavericks also has greater support for multiple displays. Apple hasn’t said how much it’ll cost. Hopefully we find out today.

macpro-1A new Mac

It’s bizarre looking, but we think it’s awesome. Apple also showed off the new, cylindrical Mac Pro at WWDC — an update to its desktops that completely redesigns the traditional computer tower. Apple has promised that the new Mac Pro is twice as fast as its predecessor and also sports vastly improved graphics performance.

Some features will include ports for gigabit ethernet, Thunderbolt 2, USB 3 and HDMI 2. Again, we’re not sure a price point for the new Mac yet, so hopefully today will be the announcement everyone looking to buy that new Mac will be waiting for.

macbookpro-1Some Laptop Love

Many expect that Apple will update its MacBook Pro line with better battery life and a better FaceTime camera. That would be nice.

appletvWhat not to expect, update to Apple TV

According to 9 to 5 Mac don’t expect a new Apple TV. They’ve been hearing strong whispers for the past few months that Apple is making progress on a new version of the Apple TV (with a motion-controlled variant to arrive in the coming years), but it does not sound like any new hardware is in the cards for this week (or, at least, to ship imminently). Apple has previewed versions of the Apple TV several months before launch, so an introduction this week with a ship date well into the future would not come without precedent. Leaning towards no Apple TV talk, however, are new reports of small water drops on previous Apple TV claims and multiple sources telling us that supply of the current Apple TV is readily available.

There you have it in a nutshell.

It’s a big day for Apple fans. We’ll have a post game wrap up after the event.

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