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Android fans, rejoice. There’s an app that just hit Google Play that allows you and your friends (and even strangers) to share each others WiFi hotspots. You share your internet connection and in return, people will love you for it and someone will share back when you need it. Consider it an act of paying it forward.

Share WiFi hotspots on Android

Hotspotio just launched an app fro Android.  It simply allows you to share WiFi hotspots with people around you and you can also borrow some air time if you’re in need of it.

All you need to do to connect is click. Just one step. There’s no long, encrypted passwords you have to jot down or some complicated 5-step process you’ll have to master. Simply find a source that’s sharing and click to join.

‘WiFi for Favors’

Again you do have the option of joining a random stranger’s WiFi. That may not be the best of ideas, but Hotspotio encourages social connections and in the event a friend or follower shares the internet juice with you, you can credit them back with some social love.

Hotspotio slogan is WiFi for favors. Seems like a nice tradeoff. A Facebook Like, A Twitter follow, walk their dog, heck, you decide.

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Josh Benson

Josh Benson

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