KitKat: Google finally decided to give a new trajectory to its mobile OS

Android 4.4 alias “KitKat” is the next major version of the mobile OS of Mountain View firm. To believe in Amir Efrati, an Android expert and a former reporter at the Wall Street Journal, KitKat is more than an update of Android. To menu, are planned better RAM management and several other small but significant innovations !

KitKat, a lot of innovations and a little more…

If there is a thing that puts off some Android devices users, it is probably its mismanagement of RAM. More especially it’s the fact that each new version requires more RAM than the previous one. KitKat seems to stem this problem, because it would sports a new memory management mode and in addition, it can be installed on devices with only 512 MB of RAM. We hope that this innovation will bring down the already hefty prices of smartphones and tablets running Google’s mobile OS, and at the same time find some kind of conciliation to amplify the fragmentation of this one.

This fragmentation issue persists for several years now. So less than half of Android devices operate under the latest version of the OS. Therefore developers are forced to work on different versions, which prevents them to fully optimize their applications and users to have all the features at each version change.

Other highlights of KitKat are fairly primitive at the moment. Google would leverage on wearable computing and smartwatches. In this context, the OS includes support for three new sensors: step sensor with its counter, and a geomagnetic rotation sensor. KitKat will also integrate native support for NFC and infrared ports to turn any smartphone into an universal remote. All these revelations may be true, but should be taken with tweezers. However, they come from a reliable source, which seems to be in possession of Android 4.4, according to this screenshot:

Android-4-4-KitKatAnother good point, KitKat should have a full screen mode which will overlook the status bar. This feature will certainly allow developers to take advantage of the entire devices displays, so therefore to produce better and more beautiful applications.

Update: It seems like KitKat is finally release, so a special post with all its new features will be made as soon as possible !

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