How to Fix OS X Mavericks

Fix Mavericks: 5 ways to prevent OS X headaches

Download OS X Mavericks yet? Chances are you may have hit a few snags. Here are 5 ways to fix Mavericks and the little issues that come along with it.


Programs that don’t work with Mavericks

Are you noticing programs that don’t work with Mavericks? We are too. Here is a list and what you can do about in the short term.


How to upgrade to Mavericks

Apple held its event and announced new products and updates. One update is Mac OS Mavericks. Best part is, it’s free. Here’s how to upgrade to Mavericks.

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How to use Disk Utility to fix Mac Problems

How to use Disk Utility to fix Mac Problems For the most part, Mac computers are generally pretty dependable. We’ve had few problems with ours at GeekLift, but have found that when something is acting up and can’t be explained. A simple visit to the Disk Utility program in applications …