Better History For Google Chrome

Better History For Google Chrome

Do you use Google Chrome history often? Your browsing history is managed very well by the browser. I have found myself sifting through my browser history often, trying to find a page I visited where I saw an interesting picture or titbit of information. Unfortunately, I usually search for the URL weeks after I visited the page, making it quite a tedious process to do. There is, however, a new kid on the block in the form of Better History available on the Chrome Web Store.

Google Chrome – Current History

If you head on over to the history section in Google Chrome, you will see the familiar outlay for the websites you recently visited. One thing to notice is that every individual page you visit is listed. In other words, if you visit 30 pages on one website, all 30 pages will be listed in your recent history. If you visited 30 websites that day, browsing on average 10 pages per site, it starts to add up. Now imagine that kind of browser history over a couple of weeks.

Chrome Standard History

Google Chrome – Better History

After installing Better History, you will see that you can access it straight from the Google Chrome address bar.

Access Better History From Address Bar

This time if you head on over to the Chrome History tab, you will see a well organized layout.

Google Chrome Better History

Expanding one of the sections now allow you to see the web pages you visited logically grouped together. Now this is really sweet. Click on the ‘Expand’ link to see the other pages you visited for a specific URL.

Better History

There are so many great bits of software out there that make your on-line life all that bit easier. Better History for Chrome is one of them.

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