Cavemania Review

Cavemania Review

What do you get when you take a match-three game and combine it with turn-based fighting and resource/unit management? You get Cavemania!

The developers at BonusXP (developers of great titles such as  Age of Empires and Age of Mythology), have managed to create a very unique gameplay experience.

The game has no actual storyline, but the concept makes it entertaining. Every round has you matching carrots, apples, stone, gold, leafy trees or pine trees together, which are then added to your resource panel.

You use these resources to construct buildings to help gather resources or use the resources to train units that include warriors, villagers, healers, archers or hunters. Each unit serves a unique purpose in the game. For example, warriors defend your villagers and buildings against the attacking enemies. The villagers gather extra food as you match. Each unit has a special ability which requires the use of gems. You can obtain gems by matching four items. If you match five items you get a extra gift containing one of various items including resources or extra turns.

What increases the difficulty is the fact that each round only has a certain amount of moves. So put all the above into one round of match-three, it truly serves a new challenge!

By completing each level you earn coins that can be used to buy upgrades. There are also a bunch of in-app, purchasable items, permanent power-ups, added coins and much more.

Take a look at the game’s tease video:


Cavemania is a great fresh concept in match-three board games, sporting great graphics and nicely composed sound. The world map seems a bit bare and some upgrades are very pricey. The gameplay is easy to figure out and that makes for awesome gameplay. Its also integrated with the GameCenter so there are numerous Achievements to challenge friends. You can also login to the game using your Facebook account to view scores of other Facebook friends who might also be playing Cavemania.


Price: iOS: free | Android: free

Get the Game:

Platforms: iOS / Android

Developers: BonusXP



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