Rico: A tale of two brothers

Rico Review

It’s Game Time again and this week I have one for all those folks who love classic platformers as much as I do.

This game was developed by IMakeGames. They have various other titles out as well. But this week we will look at Rico, a classic platformer.

Rico – A Tale of Two Brothers is a very retro platformer that sees you running around 32 levels spread over 4 worlds, collecting crystals, exploring caves, climbing mountains, dodging deadly traps, swimming and diving.

It combines elements from Super Mario, Castlevania and Retro with some uniqueness only iMakeGames can capture.

Throughout the game you encounter various enemies you have to attack and dodge. There are also various upgrades you can pick up including high jump, jet pack and more.

Classic pixel-art graphics with your plain old run-of-the-mill classic midi sounds will bring back the nostalgia of all the old games.

The game is great fun. You have the ability to save in various slots so there can be more than one player on a single device. You can also select between levels if you need to go back if you didn’t get all crystals in a level.

The game controls are a bit small but are still very responsive.


Rico is a great game, If you enjoy classic platformers then this is one for you! It contains great retro graphics and sound that will send you right back to yesteryear!


Rico – A tale of two brothers

Get the Game:

  • iOS: Rico
  • Android Version: Rico
  • Windows, Mac & Linux Version: Rico

Platforms: iOS / Android / Windows / Linux / Mac

Developers: iMakeGames


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