Foris FG2421 – The world first 240 Hz screen by EIZO

The Japanese Eizo which at a certain time was a pioneer in the insdustrie of CRTs, had suffered of a strong decline, with the advent of LCD screens. Since a couple of years, he tries somehow to defend himself, and today he presents the Foris FG2421, the world first 240 Hz monitor, intended for gamers.

Foris FG2421, aesthetic form factor

Two colors dominate the appearance of Foris FG2421. Black (for the frame and buttons) and red (for ornaments). Two components make up this screen. A slab embedded in a black plastic frame with padded edges, and a pedestal on which the frame arises. The set is about 6.2 kg. At the back of the Foris FG2421, there is a red handle which can be used as a transport lever, and below which is inscribed a backlit LED EIZO logo in glossy plastic. At the back of the pedestal, there is a sort of welded ring, which can act as cables holder, maybe to optimize the workspace where will be placed the screen.

Fortis FG2421-Rear-GadgetsAlso at the rear and both sides of the transport handle, there is a kind of tiger claws, acting as ventilation outlets. To conclude this section, we note that the frame is compact enough: 563.5 x 391 – 451 x 200 mm… And has seven buttons, probably used to adjust the settings.

120 Hz, 240 Hz… What is different?

The majority of currently available screens are 120 Hz. It is therefore wise to ask what progress the Foris FG2421 brings and which could justify its purchase.

First of all it is a Full HD 23.5-inch screen. It has 5000:1 contrast, and is the first to combine a screen refresh rate of 120 Hz and a VA slab. This type of technology offers viewing angles of approximately 176 ° and a high contrast ratio. This feature therefore places it logically at the top of gamers screens. You may have noticed that it is mentioned a refresh rate of 120 Hz instead of 240… Well, the explanation is simple. The manufacturer says that the “Turbo 240” mode is based on a 120 Hz signal, that he artificially doubles, by controlling the LED backlight blinking. So this is more a BLS (BackLight Scanning) used by many televisions.

Foris-2421-Turbo240-ModeLet us conclude with connectors, including an HDMI input, one DisplayPort input, a DVI Dual-Link (24 pins), a USB 2.0 hub with two normal ports and a mini-USB one, and an audio relay for headphones and/or speakers.Foris-2421-Connectors Finally, the Foris FG2421 provides specific display modes for FPS and RTS. A software, called “ScreenManager Pro for Gaming” also allows you to customize its settings and share them with other users. It will be available by the end of next week, on the website of the manufacturer, for a price around $ 690.

Pretty good as a screen, especially for most demanding gamers… And you? Would you be willing to purchase it? Tell us yes or no, and if possible why below, and feel free to share!

Josh Benson

Josh Benson

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