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It’s rather frightening seeing our Green Guy in a suit. There’s no place for that. Perhaps he had an event or had to give a speech. For that, we forgive him.

What matters is that we’re looking for you to come share your geek knowledge with us here at GeekLift. We’re currently looking for guest bloggers to come aboard and post their favorite how-to’s and latest tech news they enjoy writing about.

If this interests you, you could become a regular contributor for our emerging tech blog. We’d love to have your join our family.

Please fill out the form below and let us know a little about yourself. It doesn’t matter if your specialty is Mac, PC, gadgets, life hacking, tech news or re-wiring rice cookers. We feel like the best way to help readers is to build a great tech/geek community where we share ideas, knowledge and tips and tricks so people can avoid getting frustrated when trying to find a solution, save money, or find needed information.

Thanks again and we look forward to learning more about you.

Oh, and speaking of the Green Guy. He doesn’t have a name as of yet. Submit your ideas in the comments. We’d love to hear your ideas. Nothing like not having a name. Or being called ‘Green Guy’ for that matter. So creative. Blech.

Let us know you’re interested in becoming a contributor.
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Josh Benson

Josh Benson

Josh is the Editor of and supreme geek to boot. He spends much of his time learning new software, coding languages, gadgets and more. He loves helping people figure out tech problems - big or small. Josh is a former television news anchor and tech reporter. He spends his days developing websites and producing videos.

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