Kingdom Rush: Tower Defense

Kingdom Rush: Tower Defense

There are numerous Tower Defense games out there but one that really caught my attention was Kingdom Rush: Tower Defense. I first discovered this gem while browsing the Google Chrome Store and noticed it had an iOS version. I pulled out my iPad and I haven’t been able to put it down since.

The game was developed by Ironhide Game Studio which was founded by three friends in 2010. They added Kingdom Rush to the app store on December 19, 2011. Although its nearly two years old this game still catches a lot of attention and sales.

The game has beautiful game graphics and sounds that makes it eye-catching and fun to play. Game-play isn’t complicated and there are plenty of levels with three different challenges which means it will keep you coming back for more. It offers unit upgrades, the ability to purchase extra weapons in each level and hero’s – an option you can increase with in-app purchases.

The main thing this game lacked was the inability to buy more spells to use. You only get the meteor shower from above spell currently. A new version called Kingdom Rush Frontiers has been launched since and I expect to give it a test drive. You can look for a review on that game soon.

Overall Kingdom Rush is a great game, with great gameplay, excellent graphics and sound. This game will keep you hooked a good amount of time. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Kingdom Rush: Tower Defense

Price: iPhone: $0.99 | iPad: $2.99 | Android: $0.99

Get the Game:

Platforms: iOS / Android / Chrome

Developers: Ironhide Game Studios

Kingdom Rush

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