Quick and easy iPhone screen grabs

Have you ever wanted to take a screen grab from your iPhone when you have important data on the screen? Maybe you want to save the image or send the information to someone else. Piece of cake. With any version of iPhone, all you have to do is two, simple actions:

  • Put your thumb on the home button and your index finger on the sleep button.
  • In one motion, press both buttons at the same time. You’ll hear a camera sound (if volume is on), and you’ll see a quick flash on screen.

Check your camera roll and you’ll see a nice, clean image of what your screen was showing when you pressed the buttons. Now keep the image for reference or send the image via text or email. It’s a great trick to use when watching videos or viewing other images on Safari and need an image on the fly. Enjoy.


Featured Image: GSMDome

Josh Benson

Josh Benson

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