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Post Instagram to WordPress? No, Pressgram!

There are more than 71 million Wordpress blogs in the world. If you have a Wordpress blog and want to post an Instagram image to the site from your phone, you really can’t. But now you can Pressgram.




How to make a YouTube GIF in seconds

If you were somewhat coherent in the late 80s and early 90s, then you’ve probably seen a GIF (or Graphics Interchange Format) graphic on the web. It’s the animated graphic that looks like it’s from said period and just loops, and loops and loops into eternity. The GIF (pronounced ‘jiff’, …


News from around the Tech World

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While the Sony hack and the subsequent decision to cancel the release of The Interview have dominated headlines, a new hack pinned on North Korea is substantially more disturbing. Last week, manuals and other documents relating to equipment owned by South Korea's nuclear plant operator, Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power Co (KHNP) were posted online. An account called ‘president of the anti-nuclear reactor group' posted nuclear reactor blueprints on social media on Friday. It was Read More ››
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As Facebook has matured into a social media platform unrivaled in size and reach in recent years, the persistent question hanging over the company in 2014 has been: what's next? To properly answer that question it's best to look into the company's recent past to glean a hint at what might be in store for Facebook in 2015. See also: Instagram finally lets you edit photo captions Messaging Earlier this year, Facebook recovered from its stinging Read More ››
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Android One
Following its launch in India back in September, the Android One program is coming to three other countries in the Indian subcontinent over the next few weeks. Google says that Android One devices will soon go on sale in Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka, allowing customers to experience the capabilities of a modern smartphone with standardized specs and the latest version of the Android OS at a low cost — typically around $100. Besides Micromax, Read More ››
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Microsoft has removed a host of third-party Snapchat alternatives from its Windows Phone store after the photo messaging service indicated that it would start cracking down on unofficial apps in a bid to tighten security. Rudy Huyn, the developer of popular Windows Phone Snapchat alternative 6snap, confirmed on Twitter that his app — and all other third-party Snapchat apps previously available on Microsoft's operating system — had been removed. Continue Read More ››
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Pull Out the Photo Album to Help Family Members with Alzheimer's
Family get-togethers during the holiday are rough if someone has Alzheimer's disease. The person doesn't remember as much as they'd like and gets frustrated easily. Pull out a few photo albums and focus on what they do remember.... Read More ››
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Request a “Status Match” to Transfer Perks to Another Loyalty Program
Getting "elite" status in a hotel or an airline program gives you ... Read More ››
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