Uh-oh, no sound coming from my iPhone

Is your iPhone silent? Here are some tips to get the sound to return to your iPhone and what may be causing the issue.

iPad Apps Spotlight

List Installed iOS Apps On Your Device Using Spotlight

List Installed iOS Apps On Your Device Using Spotlight With the advent of iOS 7 and the multiple pages inside a folder functionality, it can get quite easy for you to do a bit of digging to find an app you are looking for. Sure, you can launch apps from Siri …

iOS Backups

iPhone Backups Are Hidden Disk Space Hogs

iPhone Backups Are Hidden Disk Space Hogs Have you ever needed some emergency disk space? Do you need to find and remove the files that are bloating your hard drive? Well there certainly are tools that can help you identify large files on your hard drive. My favorite tool is …


Apple to hold its event today

The time has come for Apple fans. Apple will hold its October event today and is expected to announce new models of iPads, Macs, software and more!

Fix Shaky iPhone Video

Fix shaky iPhone video with iStablizer Dolly

There’s nothing worse than capturing an amazing video on you iPhone, only to play it back as though it was shot in the middle of a hurricane. Capturing great video isn’t just about great content, it’s about carefully thinking before you shoot. Is your phone in landscape mode? It should …

Susan Bennett - The Voice of Siri

Meet the woman behind the voice of Siri

You may talk to her every day without ever knowing her real name. But the wait is over. We know now the identity of the woman behind the voice of Siri.

Chrome iPhone App

Chrome iPhone app boosts cross-device search options

Google has stolen some of Apple’s iOS 7 thunder by releasing an update of their own allowing users to use one browser on all devices.


How to speed up a slow iPhone

Do you have a slow iPhone? This is a basic command you must know! Few iPhone users realize that applications are constantly running ‘behind the scenes’. Here’s how to shut them off in older iPhone versions.