Inbox: Should I wait to buy an iPad?

From the inbox this afternoon, Greg wants to know if he should wait on buying an iPad. He’s going to be very happy he decided to send us this question. Check out why.

Google Website Designer

Become a web guru with Google Web Designer

Have you ever wanted to learn how to design websites and ads? Google now gives you a ridiculous amount of options with Google Web Designer.


Cavemania Review

Cavemania Review What do you get when you take a match-three game and combine it with turn-based fighting and resource/unit management? You get Cavemania! The developers at BonusXP (developers of great titles such as  Age of Empires and Age of Mythology), have managed to create a very unique gameplay experience. The game …

Susan Bennett - The Voice of Siri

Meet the woman behind the voice of Siri

You may talk to her every day without ever knowing her real name. But the wait is over. We know now the identity of the woman behind the voice of Siri.

Chrome iPhone App

Chrome iPhone app boosts cross-device search options

Google has stolen some of Apple’s iOS 7 thunder by releasing an update of their own allowing users to use one browser on all devices.

Connect to iTunes to Use Push Notifications

Connect to iTunes to Use Push Notifications Message in iOS 7

If you’re getting an error on iOS 7 that says ‘Connect to iTunes to Use Push Notifications, you’re not the only one. Here is how you fix it.


Kingdom Rush: Tower Defense

Kingdom Rush: Tower Defense There are numerous Tower Defense games out there but one that really caught my attention was Kingdom Rush: Tower Defense. I first discovered this gem while browsing the Google Chrome Store and noticed it had an iOS version. I pulled out my iPad and I haven’t …

Installing the Nest Learning Thermostat

Install Nest: The Learning Thermostat

Looking to save some money long term on your electricity bill? Install Nest, the Learning Thermostat that claims to ‘learn’ your heating and cooling patterns and adjust your temps over time, saving you cash.


How to speed up a slow iPhone

Do you have a slow iPhone? This is a basic command you must know! Few iPhone users realize that applications are constantly running ‘behind the scenes’. Here’s how to shut them off in older iPhone versions.


Hide internet searches by browsing privately

Have you ever wondered how to search the internet without leaving a trail? You can, for the most part. It’s called Private Browsing and essentially all internet browsers have the option. It will allow you to hide internet searches, and any other information you leave behind. All you need to …